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Franchise 360 at Finances Online

by Tony on 06.25.2018

As a specialist franchise software vendor, we may not fit perfectly the category of customer relationship management software but it is great to see that finances online have still taken a good look at our service and given us an in-depth and positive review. Our CRM matches up well against some of the best of the business, especially after they recommended us a top SaaS for small business. As franchise software specialists with a whole lot more on offer, that’s quite an achievement.

They have given us 99% user satisfaction which seems to accurately reflect what our customers tell us.

In addition to a positive rating, FinancesOnline commended Franchise 360 with prized awards under its best contact management software, namely the Great User Experience award and Rising Star award for 2018. The Great User Experience award highlights an essential element sought after by customers looking for an exceptional platform: robust design and interface that provides ease of use in facilitating work processes. Meanwhile, the Rising Star award indicates Franchise 360 as a successful software that continues to rise in popularity due to its proven reliability based on the experience of real users.

If you are a customer and would like to add to their review with a “real” user review, why not head on over to their software review site and let everyone know how we are doing, whether it’s about our worthwhile Franchise 360 pricing plan or features.