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When Did You Last Update Your Franchise Operations Manual?

by Brian Duckett on 08.24.2016

The Franchising Centre has just launched a new franchise manual writing service aimed at helping franchisors with one of franchising’s least loved jobs – updating the franchise operations manual. Chairman of The Franchising Centre Brian Duckett explained “If you ask any franchisor why it is important to regularly update the operations manual, they will come…

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Iran Welcomes Franchising

by Farrah Rose on 02.23.2016

It will not have escaped your notice that the EU has just announced that it has lifted all of the nuclear-related sanctions that had been imposed on Iran. But did you know that it is a huge market that is welcoming franchise systems with open arms? This represents a real opportunity for franchisors to be…

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Tour de Franchise!

by Bill Pegram on 07.15.2013

With the Tour de France coming to the UK next year, a crack team of franchising’s finest decided to be among the first to ride the two Yorkshire stages after the routes were recently announced. The group included Alan Wilkinson, Mark Holland and Bill Pegram from The Franchising Centre and Michael Eyre of Blazes Renewables…

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Could a Franchise Broker help me find the right franchise?

by Iain Martin on 04.18.2013

Good question. As franchising continues to expand in the UK, there is a growing number of intermediaries offering franchise brokerage services; in this article, I’ll consider the pro’s & con’s of using a broker to help you in your search for your ‘ideal’ franchise. A franchise broker (sometimes also described as a franchise consultant), is…

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The Role of the Franchise Consultant

by Brian Duckett on 03.04.2013

People often ask me what franchise consultants do all day, what benefits they bring to a franchising project or established franchisor business, and if they are that good at it then why aren’t they running a franchised business themselves? So here are the answers. Let’s assume first of all that by franchise consultants we mean…

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Why franchise brokerage has ‘come of age’

by Iain Martin on 08.08.2012

I’ve been involved in franchisee recruitment for almost 20 years, and my experience has been that prospective franchisees can be categorized quite simply as those for whom investing in a franchise could work well, and those who (for differing reasons) should stick to an employed role (or maybe become genuine entrepreneurs!). I’d like to focus…

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