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Part Payments

by Tony on 07.27.2015

We just added a neat little change to the way that Standard Edition invoices work. Not only do you get a clearer view of the payment status of an invoice, you also can log partial payments such as deposits or staged payments, viewing when and by whom these were made. You can then export these…

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How can benchmarking help my business

by Bill Pegram on 07.28.2014

What Are the Benefits of Benchmarking? In the business world, benchmarking has a specific end goal – to improve the profit and value of your business. There may be many contributing factors in achieving the end goal, but it is a process specifically designed to deliver tangible commercial benefits. What is Benchmarking? Benchmarking is simply…

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Helping you to understand Business Accounts and Financial Projections 2

by Tony on 09.18.2013

Part 2 – ‘Common Mistakes and Misconceptions’ Understanding the difference between ‘Profit’ and ‘Cash’ will help you to avoid problems when considering financial projections. The issue is best explained by looking at a business that gives one month credit when it makes a sale. If the invoice for a large profitable sale is projected to…

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Helping you to understand Business Accounts and Financial Projections

by Tony on 09.11.2013

Part 1 – ‘The Basics’ Do you fall into one of the following categories when it comes to accounts and financial projections? Don’t understand them (but maybe pretend sometimes that you do!) Find you’re scared of them or just see a jumble of numbers. Can’t see the need for them or simply rely on other…

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Apples and Apples or Apples and Pears?

by Chris Roberts on 02.11.2013

How many in the franchise community are getting this wrong? We would all probably agree that comparisons are useful because they help us to understand whether we are better or worse than the average. But what is the average and how do we know if we are comparing like with like? In the franchise community…

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To borrow or not to borrow?

by Chris Roberts on 02.07.2013

That is the question! It is not uncommon for a prospective franchisee with just enough cash to decide to use their own money and not bother to borrow. This may be because they don’t want to pay fees and interest, because they don’t think the banks are lending (believe me they are, when there is…

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