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Even Better Performance

by Tony on 11.09.2016

Sometimes the simplest things make such a difference. Our performance management module already allows you do performance ranking: pick a metric and period and ranked franchises by that metric, showing things like value, variance, network average or variance from goal. You can also look at performance history: pick a franchise and metric and it shows…

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Franchising around the world

by Tony on 11.06.2015

We put this little graphic together from the statistics we have. All numbers from 2011 onwards. Feel free to contact us with the latest numbers if you have them. Thanks to Piktochart for the graphics.

Preparing your business for sale

by Brian Duckett on 09.30.2014

Whether it’s because the UK economy is now back to where it was before the crisis I don’t know, but for me this summer has seen an unprecedented upsurge in enquiries from franchisors who either want to sell their businesses or buy another one. Those wanting to sell are largely taking the view that “We’ve…

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How can benchmarking help my business

by Bill Pegram on 07.28.2014

What Are the Benefits of Benchmarking? In the business world, benchmarking has a specific end goal – to improve the profit and value of your business. There may be many contributing factors in achieving the end goal, but it is a process specifically designed to deliver tangible commercial benefits. What is Benchmarking? Benchmarking is simply…

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Five things to think about when setting up a letting or estate agent franchise

by Lucy Kempton on 06.24.2013

Setting up an estate agent or letting agent franchise is a challenging yet exciting prospect, but choosing the right franchise opportunity is about much more than the advertisements promising you great returns. This article looks at the five most important things to think about when setting up a letting or estate agent franchise. These key…

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April 2013 Franchising Guide

by Tony on 04.12.2013

Take a look at our collection of fantastic articles from leading consultants, franchisors and finance experts. We don’t even ask for your details to get your free copy. Just click the image and download your PDF copy right away. How cool is that?

How to appraise a franchise

by Dennis and Turnbull on 03.08.2013

With a seemingly endless list of franchise opportunities, selecting the right opportunity can often be a daunting task to any prospective franchisee. Having advised a large number of franchisees, here are the key points that I believe all franchisees should think about before signing on the dotted line, presuming that you have narrowed down your…

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To borrow or not to borrow?

by Chris Roberts on 02.07.2013

That is the question! It is not uncommon for a prospective franchisee with just enough cash to decide to use their own money and not bother to borrow. This may be because they don’t want to pay fees and interest, because they don’t think the banks are lending (believe me they are, when there is…

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Franchise your Business

by Cathryn Hayes - HSBC on 01.24.2013

With many well-known companies operating franchise networks, you may be attracted to the idea yourself. It could be the ideal way to expand your business without the capital investment needed to set up wholly owned operations. As a franchisor, you grant a licence to local operators (franchisees) to sell your products or services, trade under…

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