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20 Questions to Ask a Franchisor

by Cathryn Hayes - HSBC on 08.08.2013

Buying a franchise is likely to be one of the most important decisions of your life. Look at your own skills, your background, training and qualifications and build these factors into your choice of franchise. When you purchase a franchise, you are entering into a long term business relationship with the franchisor – so it’s…

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A Step by Step Guide to Buying a Franchise

by Kasia Baldwin on 07.19.2013

The world of franchising can be an intimidating prospect for a beginner, but it is worth reading about it if you like the idea of running your own business. In basic terms, a franchise offers people a pre-agreed business framework that the franchisee will follow to build their own firm. The 2012 NatWest BFA (British…

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A day in the life…

by Jan Massey on 03.19.2013

Sian Zalick is one lucky woman. With a background in photography during her time in the RAF, she has launched herself into the franchising industry with what she describes as her “dream job”. She now runs Photography for Little People from her Hertfordshire home. “When I was in the military I was working 12 hour…

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Who needs chimney sweeps anyway?

by Louise Harris on 02.14.2013

‘Seriously? Chimney Sweeps? Do they still exist?’….is just one of the amusing queries we’ve been faced with when attending a franchise exhibition and our answer is always, ‘yes of course’! To some, chimney sweeping may be widely associated with times gone by and the question ‘do you still use urchin boys’ is never far from…

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Why become a franchisee?

by Andrew Fraser on 02.05.2013

The simple answer is that in this uncertain financial climate, you want to control your own destiny. However, the real question should be why become a franchisee rather than starting a business of your own? Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider buying a franchise: 1. A proven business system The…

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Advantages and disadvantages of taking on a franchise?

by Mark Rozier on 04.19.2012

I can honestly say that I wish I knew more about franchising before I took the plunge and left the security of being a partner and manager of the family haulage company in 2000, to set up my own business, in an industry I knew relatively little about. I could write what may be an…

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