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10 top tips for writing a case study

by Sally Butters on 02.05.2014

Many businesses have a wealth of success stories but fail to utilise them in their franchise recruitment marketing, explains Sally Butters Director of Media at Coconut Creatives. Word-of-mouth is one of the most effective marketing tools. Nothing sells a product, or a business, better than someone recommending it to them from experience. However, word-of-mouth cannot…

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Using videos as a powerful tool to promote your franchise

by Sally Butters on 01.13.2014

Videos are not only a great tool to allow customers, franchisees and prospective franchisees to see the human side of your business, they also feature your messages in a digestible manner, says Sally Anne Butters, Director of Media at Coconut Creatives. Videos have become an essential marketing tool in the franchise industry. They are relatively…

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How to grow your franchise through social media

by Sally Butters on 11.19.2013

If you get it right, Social Media can be a great way to support your franchise recruitment and franchisee sales, says Sally Butters Director of Media at Coconut Creatives. Many businesses get excited about social media and they set up an account on every site, make it look good, update it for a few weeks…

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Top tips on exhibiting successfully this autumn (part 2)

by Sally Butters on 09.26.2013

After the show Franchisors often fail to understand the importance of following up on the leads gained at exhibitions in the following weeks, explains Sally Butters, Director of Media at Coconut Creatives. You’ve attended the exhibition, presented yourself and your franchise well and handed over your form to those prospects who have expressed an interest…

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Stand out!

by Sally Butters on 08.06.2013

Top tips on exhibiting successfully at this Autumn’s franchise exhibitions. Franchisors often underestimate what is required to exhibit successfully and therefore struggle to generate high quality leads, explains Sally Butters, Director of Media at Coconut Creatives. Many franchisors are attending the same shows year on year but unfortunately more often than not also misrepresent the…

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Perfecting your marketing collateral for franchise recruitment

by Sally Butters on 06.24.2013

Throughout a prospect’s decision-making process, they will constantly be comparing you to your competitors so it is essential to make a good first impression. Sally Anne Butters, Director of Media at Coconut Creatives, explains how to make the most of your marketing collateral so that prospects are wowed by your brand. Your marketing collateral is…

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Is my brand going to inspire customer loyalty?

by ACT Clean on 03.01.2013

When buying a burger where would you go McDonalds or McDougal’s.For the majority of us the answer is simple, but is that because McDonald’s burgers are better? Probably, but in truth we don’t know having never had a McDougal’s burger, but we know McDonalds and we trust them. They are a Brand, they have a…

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Web Marketing, Could it Transform Your Franchise?

by Rebekah Griffiths on 01.16.2013

Web Marketing – Could It Transform Your Franchise? Internet marketing isn’t anything particularly new. However, the way it’s used has changed significantly over recent years and SEO, or search engine optimisation, has come to the forefront of the web marketing industry. Web marketing – what it means today The Internet has changed the way we…

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