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GreyRidge Time-waster Video of the Year 2014

by Tony on 12.19.2014

As thoughts turn to Christmas yet again, the developers at GreyRidge spend quite literally tens of seconds thinking about the best time-waster video they have seen on the Internet. First, honourable mentions: Good old Remi Gaillard and Race the Tube BUT… The 2014 best video of the year award goes to: Danny on the Ridge.

The Franchising Centre to Sponsor 2014 BFA Conference

by The Franchising Centre on 04.01.2014

The Franchising Centre is pleased to announce that it will again be the main sponsor of the British Franchise Association’s Annual Conference on Thursday 26th and Friday 27th June 2014 at Heythrop Park Resort in Oxfordshire. Chairman Brian Duckett said “The Franchising Centre and The British Franchising Association have always had the common goal of…

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On target: Little Kickers

by Little Kickers on 02.07.2014

Few people get things done quite like mothers – and Christine Stanschus is a case in point. The owner of Little Kickers had a successful career with JP Morgan, working in the specialist field of collateral management. But after giving birth to her first child, she found it hard to juggle the demands of a…

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GreyRidge Time-waster Video of the Year 2013

by Tony on 12.19.2013

As thoughts turn to Christmas, the developers at GreyRidge spend quite literally tens of seconds thinking about the best time-waster video they have seen on the Internet. First, honourable mentions: Penguin Falls Waffles the Terrible Japanese Binocular Football. BUT… The 2013 best video of the year award goes to: 2 Hamsters on a Wheel!

Apples and Apples or Apples and Pears?

by Chris Roberts on 02.11.2013

How many in the franchise community are getting this wrong? We would all probably agree that comparisons are useful because they help us to understand whether we are better or worse than the average. But what is the average and how do we know if we are comparing like with like? In the franchise community…

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Time to go Mr Franchisor?

by Brian Duckett on 01.28.2013

The Franchising Centre, Europe’s leading franchise consultancy, has launched a new service aimed at helping franchisors to quickly improve the profitability of their network whilst potentially preparing their business for sale when the time comes and making sure they gain the maximum return from this once in a lifetime transaction. Chairman Brian Duckett commented “For…

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Grow your franchise through social media

by Sally Butters on 01.21.2013

Social Media can be a great tool to support your franchise recruitment and increase franchisee sales if you get it right, says Sally Butters, Director of Media at Coconut Creatives. Many businesses get really excited about social media. They set up an account on every network, make it look pretty and then unfortunately seem to…

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Web Marketing, Could it Transform Your Franchise?

by Rebekah Griffiths on 01.16.2013

Web Marketing – Could It Transform Your Franchise? Internet marketing isn’t anything particularly new. However, the way it’s used has changed significantly over recent years and SEO, or search engine optimisation, has come to the forefront of the web marketing industry. Web marketing – what it means today The Internet has changed the way we…

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It’s all going rather green

by Alex Clark Lettings Franchise on 01.10.2013

EPC regulations and the Green Deal When looking for a new property to rent, how many tenants take the property’s EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) seriously? How many even know what it means? In our experience, not many but with the introduction of the Government’s new ‘Green Deal’ in January 2013 and tough new EPC regulations…

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Best cat video anyone?

by Tony on 12.18.2012

Every year we have a look at the weird and wonderful world of YouTube cat videos and decide on the best one. If you have any ideas, please let us know or leave a comment. In the meantime, take a look at the lovely kitties in our channel…

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