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Big Apple Contract Win for The Franchising Centre

by Tony on 09.24.2018

The rapidly expanding Blink Fitness currently have over 70 sites across the US, with the goal of reaching 300 by 2022. With this ambitious goal in mind, Ms Rose is reviewing Blink’s current operation and franchise offer in the USA, as well as develop a strategy for the franchising to the international market. The Franchising…

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Is my brand going to inspire customer loyalty?

by ACT Clean on 03.01.2013

When buying a burger where would you go McDonalds or McDougal’s.For the majority of us the answer is simple, but is that because McDonald’s burgers are better? Probably, but in truth we don’t know having never had a McDougal’s burger, but we know McDonalds and we trust them. They are a Brand, they have a…

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Who needs chimney sweeps anyway?

by Louise Harris on 02.14.2013

‘Seriously? Chimney Sweeps? Do they still exist?’….is just one of the amusing queries we’ve been faced with when attending a franchise exhibition and our answer is always, ‘yes of course’! To some, chimney sweeping may be widely associated with times gone by and the question ‘do you still use urchin boys’ is never far from…

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Is my franchise just a fad?

by ACT Clean on 12.12.2012

When thinking about franchise opportunities do you consider what the franchise will be worth in ten years time? Many people are drawn to fad franchises that are making quick money, but haven’t always considered the long term value of the opportunity. Will it still be making a profit? Could I retire and sell it to…

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ISO Certification Franchise Going Places

by Tony on 05.02.2012

It is great to hear that one of your long term partners is doing well. It’s even better when you know that you had a hand in their success. We’re delighted because we have just heard from our partners Equas SmartPro that they are now expanding their ISO software service in the UK as well…

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The PC Support Group

by Tony on 04.11.2010

Care and quality at the heart of The PC Support Group Ever heard of the phrase “more haste, less speed”? The PC Support franchise founders Phil Bird and Simon Albert are committed to this idea and they believe that it is now bringing them solid results. The PC Support Group is now the leading UK…

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