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Keep it simple, stupid

by Tony on 05.23.2012

In my view, the worst thing you can do when it comes to reliability is over-promise. This is especially so in terms of back-up and recovery. If your service agreement says that you backup nightly and yet when a crash comes, you can recover back to 5 minutes, everybody is very happy. If you publicise…

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The Unsinkable Ship?

by Tony on 05.19.2012

Tom, our technical director noticed this scary story about Realex today. How can a company worth billions of pounds that relies on being online end up with over 6 hours of downtime? You can certainly sense an element of shock on the part of the company at the scale and length of their problems. Of…

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by Tony on 04.04.2011

We just shifted to Rackspace for our hosting. Seems like a small thing but I think it is hugely important and shows how much we care about our customers. Why? Well, despite having higher prices and knowing the effort involved, Rackspace proved to us that even after 3 years good service from our old provider,…

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