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Even Better Performance

by Tony on 11.09.2016

Sometimes the simplest things make such a difference. Our performance management module already allows you do performance ranking: pick a metric and period and ranked franchises by that metric, showing things like value, variance, network average or variance from goal. You can also look at performance history: pick a franchise and metric and it shows…

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Stay in control with our new performance module

by Tony on 02.16.2016

If you want to monitor and set goals for your franchisees then our performance module is the best place to start.  Available with our Standard Edition or any extended version of Franchise 360, the performance manager module is a one stop shop where you can take charge of your franchise network performance. If you have poorly performing franchisees or just want to…

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How can benchmarking help my business

by Bill Pegram on 07.28.2014

What Are the Benefits of Benchmarking? In the business world, benchmarking has a specific end goal – to improve the profit and value of your business. There may be many contributing factors in achieving the end goal, but it is a process specifically designed to deliver tangible commercial benefits. What is Benchmarking? Benchmarking is simply…

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