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Great franchises grow with Franchise 360.

Recruitment tools help you grow while a comprehensive Intranet gets your team talking. A first-class CRM maximises your sales and operational tools manage your activity. All of this is topped off by inclusive support, premium infrastructure and the ability to customise or extend your system to suit your franchise model.

A Class Management

An out-of-the-box variant of Franchise 360

Our new Class Management variant of Franchise 360 is an out-of-the-box version of Franchise 360 that includes functionality for class-based businesses and organizations. It is perfect for franchises involved in kids activities, kids education or other family-based activities.

Classes, families, bookings, payments: it’s all covered. Our class management variant has everything you need to start managing your class based franchise.

Class Management Highlights
Flexible venues

Add as many venues for your classes as you need and then add classes or sessions for these venues. You can add and manage notes and tasks for this venue and even add custom venue data that you set up yourself.

Classes, sessions and parties/ events

You can quickly set up classes with one or more sessions, complete with different types of classes if you need them, and then add in the people attending. You can also run one off parties or events for a single family if that’s part of your business model.

Friendly families

Store key details for the families you work with, complete with primary, secondary and emergency contacts and then link up multiple children to the family. Each child’s record then stores anything you might need to know about the child, including medical information, dietary requirements or special needs.

Bookings and payments

The system contains a flexible booking system which allows you to book multiple children onto multiple classes and log the payments you have received. These payments are then reflected on the attendance register, allowing you to easily track and take outstanding payments. It also supports the pay-as-you-go model.

Franchise network management

All of the network management tools tools in a regular Franchise 360 are in the Class Management variant meaning that your franchisees have access to a helpdesk, document libraries and forums while you can manage recruitment, franchisee performance metrics and service fee invoicing.

Calendars bring it together

Classes, parties and tasks all come together in a simple calendar where you can view all of the activities for each franchises and their teachers or assistants in a single place.

Safe and secure

Our class management system is as secure and reliable as you would want: firewalled data centres are backed up by SSL protection, an insistence on strong passwords and user-based system logging.