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"Franchise 360 was exactly as advertised: we signed up and within a short while we had the system we wanted."
Adam Reek, Finance Director

About the Company

The company has been in the leisure business for many years and the group deals with motorhomes, touring caravans and static caravans. It is now the UK’s largest dedicated buyer.

The question the company hears most often is “I want to sell my motorhome but I don’t want all of the problems and worry involved.” That’s where comes in.

The Challenge

Buymymotorhome started out with a straightforward goal: they wanted an efficient way of allowing head office and the franchisees to manage leads that came in from their website pages. Given that sales leads are precious resources, the company was keen to manage them in the best way possible.

In practical terms, this meant being able to make the link between a potential customer filling in a form on the website to a fully fledged lead and customer management system behind the scenes.

In addition, the company wanted to be able to track buyers and stock through this same system.

Naturally, Buymymotorhome were also interested in getting a network wide managament system that would enhance the management of their network and provide tangible benefits for the their franchisees.

The Journey

In mid-March 2013, Buymymotorhome contacted Franchise 360 through a consultant and after a short introductory discussion arranged for a web-based demonstration of Franchise 360.

In the demonstration they used screen sharing software to view the standard system and then discussed options for amending the software to exactly suit their needs.

Buymymotorhome very quickly saw that the system could help with their requirements and it was a short step from there to signing up for their version of Franchise 360 at the end of March 2013.

Adam Reek, Finance Director at Buymymotorhome says “it was a simple decision, since we liked what we saw and it was clear to us very quickly that Franchise 360 could help us acheive our business goals.”

The Implementation The implementation of the new functions required was quick, taking just a few weeks from the agreement to go ahead to Buymymotorhome signing-off the new system.

It took a little time to liaise with the various 3rd party website developers who provide website services for Buymymotorhome but once this was done the everything was ready and the system went live on the 1st of May 2013.

The Future

As Adam says “Franchise 360 has been an easy win for us. The system was installed with no fuss and since the development team speak our language, we were able to discuss what we needed without the feeling that they were trying to confuse us with techno-speak.”

Currently 9 franchisees from Buymymotorhome use the system but a further 3 identical systems are being created since Buymymotorhome also owns similar businesses for Caravans as well as similar businesses in Germany and Ireland. All of these systems again link in to their different websites.

Overall the plan have 27 franchisees using the system across the 4 operations by the end of 2013.

Adam sums up his experience “Franchise 360 was exactly as advertised: we signed up and within a short while we had the system we wanted.”