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Great franchises grow with Franchise 360.

Recruitment tools help you grow while a comprehensive Intranet gets your team talking. A first-class CRM maximises your sales and operational tools manage your activity. All of this is topped off by inclusive support, premium infrastructure and the ability to customise or extend your system to suit your franchise model.

A Extending Franchise 360

Designed to suit your franchise

If your franchise is unique you might want a unique software system to match it. Your software can fit your franchise model like a glove and still perform quickly and reliably.

We designed Franchise 360 to be easily changed to suit a particular business model so it won’t need to be bent out of shape to do the job you need it to do.

Extending Your System Highlights
Plain Speaking

First and foremost, we avoid technical-speak. We want you to have absolute confidence that we understand each other.

A quick demo

Usually, we can show you a brief online demonstration of previous work that we have done that is relevant to your type of business.

It doesn’t take years

Our average franchise design project takes about a month to deliver but that will vary, depending on your needs.

Straightforward quotes

Before you owe us a penny, we’ll give you a clear quote, written in non-technical language along with a firm schedule for your project.

Change is normal

Our developers are trained to listen during the project: we accept that changes are part and parcel of every project.

Faults are not tolerated

We treat bugs seriously and all extended systems have these fixed quickly and for free at any time during your system use.

Support and hosting

Our extended systems come with the same inclusive free email, freephone support and premium hosting as any other system.