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Franchise Network Tools | Franchise 360

Great franchises grow with Franchise 360.

Recruitment tools help you grow while a comprehensive Intranet gets your team talking. A first-class CRM maximises your sales and operational tools manage your activity.

All of this is topped off by inclusive support, premium infrastructure and the ability to customise or extend your system to suit your franchise model.

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A Intranet

Share, document and discuss

Franchise 360 has all the tools you need to manage your franchise network. Automatic management service fee invoicing makes billing your franchisees a breeze whilst the performance management module allows you to track your best and worst performing franchises.

Meanwhile, tools such as the document library and internal forums allow you to share documents and best practice with the entire network, keeping everyone up to date and on message.

Intranet Features
Performance is everything

With pre-set or custom metrics and reviews, the performance module is your route to maximising franchise network output and ultimately the value of your franchise business.

Automated Management Service Fees

Franchise 360 Management Service Fee (MSF) tools are configurable so that you can choose the appropriate charging system for your network and then track the creation and issuing of each invoice.

Secure Document Libraries

Ideal for your franchise manual or for shared collateral, your document libraries come with a familiar look and feel for ease-of-use.

Franchisee Help

Your franchisees can create support tickets so that your communication about problems and improvements is easy-to-manage, clear and recorded.

Forums instill best practice

Both you and your franchisees can interact with each other within the completely secure forum area.

Performance Management – Track your network progress

As a franchisor, tracking and improving the performance of your franchisees is the key to maximising the value of your network. Out of the box Franchise 360 gives you the tools to collect key metrics such as sales or leads, both automatically from within the system and manually entered by the franchisee.

You can also look at performance history: pick a franchise and metric and see the full history of responses for that metric.

Service Fees – Collect fees with no fuss

We know it is important to get the business of charging within the franchise network right so, as you’d expect, we have done everything we can to make it easy to set up accurate, automated franchisee charges.

Simple reports then allow you to track service charges for a single franchisee and to see what has been paid or is outstanding across the network. You can even compare charges between franchises and over time.

Document Management – Intuitive file storage

Franchise 360 provides built in document sharing tools, familiar to anyone who has cloud document storage, integrated directly into your franchise intranet. Share documents with a single franchisee, or the entire network automatically or upload attachments against recruitment prospects and customers.

Whether you want to store an Excel spreadsheet, a PDF or Word document any kind of file can be uploaded to the library. Crucially, when you add new versions of documents, old versions are still there as a record.

Anthony Pilkington, Bookcheck

“One of the most positive aspects of GreyRidge is that they took the time to understand our business. Additionally, they take care of the system so that we don’t have to; for us it is simple and it just works. All our staff need is a browser.”


Adam Reek, Buymymotorhome.com

“Franchise 360 has been an easy win for us. The system was installed with no fuss and since the development team speak our language, we were able to discuss what we needed without the feeling that they were trying to confuse us with techno-speak.”


Nick Lyons, No Letting Go

“As a franchised business, we needed something that could not only efficiently manage our day-to-day work, we also needed a system that could allow us to see what was going on in each office”


Ginny Murphy, The Wheel Specialist

“Franchise 360 helps our company look credible and more professional by handling our leads from our website, giving us time to concentrate on other activities that can drive our business forward”


Susanne Cooke, Paw Pals

“We used to have so much paperwork and now those using the system can access the right information so much more quickly. That will make everyone, the carers, the franchises and our central team so much more professional and the savings are already significant”forward”


James Lee, Property Inventories

“We were immediately attracted to GreyRidge; they didn’t attempt to confuse us by being too technical and their plan for our software was clear and logical. We also needed something quickly and they were able to deliver quickly”


Luke Scrutton, Genie Tutors

“I am delighted with the new system; in particular, the shared data platform enables me to work more closely with my franchisees and thereby maximize our whole network performance.”

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