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No Letting Go

"We have had a very positive experience, the software is a real boost to our business"
Nick Lyons, Franchise Owner

About the Company

No Letting Go are a premium provider of landlord and inventory services, protecting residentially and commercially owned properties.

With over 30 offices spread throughout the country, No Letting Go are the UK’s first regional office-based national inventory management company providing a comprehensive range of services to preserve the valuable property assets of landlords and letting agents.

No Letting Go are involved in more than just property inventories; their services go further than the usual inventory company by encompassing a level of service that truly represents and shows off the company’s clients business.

As well as providing top quality inventories from highly trained, APIP qualified inventory clerks, managed through regional offices, No Letting Go believes whole heartedly in passion, enthusiasm, commitment and working in a partnership.

In addition to property inventories, check in, check out services and damage and dilapidation reports, the company also specialises in property visits, key holding services, property viewing services, block and estate visits and post work inspections.

The Challenge

Inevitably, carefully detailed property inspections create a lot of paperwork; each type of inspection needs to be carefully recorded and inspectors must be aware of the status of each property in advance of their visit.

Nick Lyons, Owner and Managing Director of No Letting Go was convinced that a software system would help his team to acheive cost savings in this area but he knew that, due to No Letting Go’s special requirements a packaged system was unlikely to be found.

“As a franchised business, we needed something that could not only efficiently manage our day-to-day work, we also needed a system that could allow us to see what was going on in each office as well as something that would really benefit our staff, both in head office and in the franchises”.

The Journey

No Letting Go were recommended to GreyRidge by a colleague and contacted them in the summer of 2009.

After a face to face meeting at a property exhibition and a web-based demonstration of similar GreyRidge work, Nick was convinced that he had found the right partner.

Nick says “it was quite a quick decision really; the planned system did everything we needed, GreyRidge had experience in building flexible systems for the franchise market and the price was right.”

GreyRidge provided Nick with a specification and work commenced on a new system in the autumn of 2009

The Implementation

At the heart of the No Letting Go system is a client and property database. Against each client or prospective client, No Letting Go can record all of the properties that are being managed for that client. Each property shows basic information such as the address, size and type of property.

The system then enables members of the No Letting Go team to schedule, record and manage inspections being carried out at each property. Clerks are able to set their appointment through the system and then to record the appropriate information from their visit. For example, if they are doing a “check-in” they are able to use the previous inventory information to help them complete their visit. A simple workflow means that staff can instantly see where they are with each property.

The system is flexible enough to allow room-by-room inventories, photos and a range of different inspection types such as check-outs, check-ins, damage & delapidation reports and mid-term checks. The system can then automatically create a PDF report about each visit which staff can email to the client from within the system.

The system enforces quality across the board; reports are properly stored and standardized while old information is readily usable by staff to reduce set-up time when carrying out ongoing inspections. As a bonus, staff can set-up client logins so that job requests can be automated and clients can look at previous inspection work. Needless to say, all of this also helps to cuts administration costs.

Additionally, the system produces automated invoices for customer, driven from the property type, inspection routine and number of rooms. The system is able to vary charges by business geographical area and flexible enough to cope with national clients.

The software was delivered in late 2009 and has been in use by No Letting Go nationally since then.

The Future

No Letting Go are enthusiastic about the results of their software acquisition and about planned further developments of the system.

Nick Lyons says “we have had a very positive experience, the software is a real boost to our business; it helps to keep costs down and ensures that things are done in a consistent way. All of that contributes to our continuing drive to provide excellent service for our clients.”

The company has also used the post-live development services offered by GreyRidge and are pleased with the support they have received. Nick says “The support is great and the GreyRidge people are always helpful. We are currently discussing the addition of a mobile application for use by clerks during inspections; that could be a fantastic addition to other improvements we have already made”.