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"It is refreshing to work with a company who actually listens to the needs of their customers and are always able to assist or offer other alternative solutions."
Alex Marsango, Franchise Manager

About the Company

Prokil is a privately owned damp-proofing / timber treatment and building company with a dedicated team whose aim over the past 50 years has been to provide a fast, efficient and outstanding customer service, with comprehensive one-to-one dialogue and backup to clients throughout the South of England. Prokil are now offering franchise opportunities to extend their service further.

The Challenge

Along with their decision to franchise came a review of their existing technology. At the time, they were using an older software package where the licence was due to expire and which did not suit their business requirements very well.

As a result, Prokil opted to replace this software with a specialist franchise package that would allow them to franchise as well as run their day to day operations at least as well as their existing package.

In her role as Prokil’s franchise consultant, Pam Gordon of The Franchising Centre was able to recommend FranPulse (their brand name for Franchise 360) as a potential candidate for this replacement.

The Journey

Prokil asked for their first FranPulse demonstration in August 2016. They liked what they saw since the software provided a lot more than their previous software in terms of franchise management. They did recognise that they would need some changes to the job management tools to make the software just right for them.

January 2017 brought a further demonstration and, with their existing software licence due to run out, they decided to start with an out-of-the-box version of FranPulse right away with the intention of adding the required specialist job management functions at a later date.

Prokil wanted the job management area to be extended to model the life-cycle of a Prokil booking and to capture additional Prokil-related information. Some tweaks were also required in the appointments and calendar area.

Once they were live with the basic system, Prokil quickly agreed the specification for the changes and these were implemented quickly, taking around a week of actual development time.

Alex Marsango, Franchise Manager of Prokil says “It is refreshing to work with a company who actually listens to the needs of their customers and are always able to assist or offer other alternative solutions.”

The Implementation

After only 3 weeks from specification, the Prokil system was updated with the new functionality: due to the nature of FranPulse this process is seamless and involved only an update and a few minutes of downtime.

The Future

Since that time, further alterations have been made in the light of actual use. As Alex says “the technical staff have been very efficient when dealing with the requested changes to our system”.

Prokil are now in the process of training existing staff to use the new system and Alex concludes “Since the first contact with Greyridge, through the Franchising Centre, the level of service I have received has been brilliant.”